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First day of my new job.

Gonna take some getting used to being up early every day, especially since we have one vehicle so I have to leave earlier for work. Going with Justin this morning and waiting at Tim Hortons until I work xD I don’t know how he gets to work for six or six thirty and doesn’t get home until 5-6 at night.



An “egalitarian” is someone who, realizing that a scale is imbalanced because there are six pounds on one side and twelve on the other, seeks to correct the imbalance by adding six pounds to both sides.

well that was the best damn explanation I’ve seen. 

People who do not actually understand egalitarianism #212312333

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Applies to everything in life. 


My friend and future roommate (my BF and I are renting a house with her in september) works there.

I’m just waiting for the ‘official’ call - she asked and they told her I’m hired and start tomorrow, so IDK what is taking so long, lol.

Mon-Fri 8-5 reception/front end for an oilfield electrical company :) AMAZING opportunity to get into the office field.

I hope my future children love church like I do

As a child, I went to a Greek Orthodox church and I rarely enjoyed it. I didn’t connect, I didn’t fit in, and ‘fun’ wasn’t any part of the church service. To this day, I really respect the Orthodox Christian faith and I even enjoy the church the rare time I’ve gone again with dad.

But having a church that has more fun fits me so much more. The worship, the prayers, the people, the activities, everything.

I hope I can bring my children to church and teach them to love God. But I will NOT force them.


The Little Princess (1995)

So many book giveaways


I totally will do one when I find a new job

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